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Frequently Asked Questions


What is it

Stellarvision is a process we install on the ceilings of rooms & after we put it an you can’t see it until you turn out the lights at night. It is like being outside on the most beautiful starry night you have ever seen. It’s as though you are on a mountain top on a very, very starry night. All the stars are in their proper position. You pick the night you want.

How long does it take

Usually around 3-5 hours per room, give or take a few minutes, 

How far down the walls do you go

This depends a lot on the layout of the room itself. Each one is different, depending on windows, pictures, etc. Generally we go up & down around the room to create the illusion of mountains on the horizon, incorporating the windows. etc. into the scheme. 

How dark must the room be

The room does not need to be pitch black dark, “bedroom” dark works just fine, Living rooms, for example, are usually not well suited because they are often connected to other rooms that may not be dark enough.

How long does it last each night

It slowly fades out over a couple hours or so under normal conditions. If you went to experience it again, all you have to do is flick the lights on for a few seconds, and it’s good for another couple hours.

How long does it last, in years

We don’t know for sure, but we have rooms that have been done over 20 years ago and are still shining. 

Is it safe

It’s the same basic material that they make glow-in-the-dark kids toys out of. It is safe and non-toxic.

Is it washable

Yes, you can wash it with any household cleanser safe for your room paint.

Do we have to move furniture

You don’t have to lift a finger, other than to un-clutter the room. We cover the furniture with plastic sheeting, and lay drop-cloths on the open floor areas, so little things like pairs of shoes, etc. need to be put away.

What about 2 rooms

We will give you an additional discount for multiple room orders. Usually an extra 10% off each additional room.

Do you have gift certificates

Stellarvision makes a great birthday or holiday gift to a child or grandchild, or even an anniversary gift. We can provide you a gift certificate if you wish to announce it that way before installation.

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